BUSN 3140 Consumer Behavior

An interdisciplinary approach to understanding consumer motivation and behavior. The relationship of information processing and learning theory on buyer behavior, importance and measurement of images and attitudes, theories of promotion and communication, and models of consumer behavior. Consumerism. Application of theoretical principles to advertising, positioning, segmentation, and product strategies.

Our focus will be on four Learning Modules: 1) consumers in the marketplace, 2) consumers as individuals, 3) consumers as decision makers, and 4) consumers and subcultures. We will explore how perceptions, learning, memory, personality, and attitudes impact the behavior of consumers, how consumption patterns change based on a consumer’s life stage, and how culture and sub-culture impacts consumer behavior.

Consumer Behavior and PR (external link, click here)
Written by Breda McCarthy, this book has been used to teach BUSN 3140 Consumer Behavior.